The knight's secret sister

The knight's secret sister

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When a strange figure shows up at Fairy Tail, the great Titania shows terror and relief. The figure shows her face and turns out to be Ersa Scarlet's long, lost and abandoned sister. When the guild finds out about the pain in her past a guild known as Phantom Lord shows up to take back the run away. 

Does her sister have more secrets hidden away?

Is she really the sweet, little girl everybody has grown too?

And will a certain dragon slayer grow even closer?

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does!


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EleazerMaglasang EleazerMaglasang Jun 03, 2017
strawberry milkshakes huh? im geussing that lucy shes the only one who drinks strawberry milkshakes
Just-A-Simple-Gal Just-A-Simple-Gal Jul 28, 2017
Mhhhhh is it Laxus Mira maybe mistogan or gramps 🤔🤔🤔🤔
                              Mhhh there's a strawberry milkshake maybe mira 
                              Mhhhh wait.................. IT LUCY
                              brother: TOOK YA LONG ENOUGH DINGUS 
                              Me:OH SHUT UP
x_MidnightWriter x_MidnightWriter Aug 10, 2016
Ummmm I don't wanna be picky but it's Erza not ersa ik other people already stated it out, but if u could please correct it. IM NOT FORCING YOU!!!!! But it kinda annoys me. Sorry. Don't take this deeply.🙏🙇
DorkFish1103 DorkFish1103 Oct 26, 2016
It don't matter how you spell it as long as it is still understandable
EmbraceLeCrazyness EmbraceLeCrazyness Aug 13, 2016
I'm telling Erza
                              Them:No don't 
                              Me:ERZA GRAY AND NATSU ARE FIGHTING!!
                              Erza: They are what *almost kills them*
                              Me:That's what you get for eating my chocolate cake*eats chocolate cake*
Yay I always thought lucy and erza should be sisters they are complete opposites