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Break These Chains Natsu x Emotionless!Reader

Break These Chains Natsu x Emotionless!Reader

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Kookies and Tae By Chantzlol Completed

Y/N is a saint wizard sitting at the seventh place. However, it's unknown how she got there. There are no past records of how her face looks like seen as she wears a mask and hood. Y/N doesn't take photos too. But like she says, Those who have ever seen her face, never lived to tell the tale.
One day, she meets Natsu and the Fairy Tail guild. Her attitude and mysterious behaviours sticks, ticking off everyone, especially a specific dragon slayer.

I have always wanted to do a X reader Fanfiction so here!

Fairy Tail and it's characters belongs to Hiro Mashima! I only own the Fanfiction

Father I'm being bullied. (I say to Acnologia)
                              Acnologia: WHAT!..... give me a minute.
                              *burns down the whole town.*
                              So what we're you saying about being bullied?
Omg I'm listening to all star with windows sounds XD so fitting! 😭😭😍😍😅😅😅😂😂😂😂
Illyasviel17262 Illyasviel17262 2 days ago
That's exactly like me I love the work but hate most of the people and I just don't want to enter
This is already a great start! Readers would've expected the protagonist aged along maybe 12. But this, I LOVE it! Great work!
MoonlitSona MoonlitSona May 29
Dad, I'm being bullied they stole my lunch money
                              Acnologia: EXCUSE ME WHAT KIND OF LOW LIVES WOULD STEAL MY DAUGHTER'S MONEY? Those crusty burnt chicken nugget looking hoes, ugly @ss fat b!tches *DESTROYS THE WHILE TOWN*
Illyasviel17262 Illyasviel17262 2 days ago
I'm actually one of the smartest in my classes so F*** the person who said that to me