Bad Girl VS. The Player

Bad Girl VS. The Player

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"Oh my GAWD! Does that girl not know anything about fashion?" Cheerleader-lookalike yelled, staring at me across the lanes. She was in some shiny Porshe. Whatever, her car had nothing on my yellow Ferrari in the garage at home. It wasn't my fault I'd been banned from driving it, as part of my punishment for getting kicked out of that last school, and was stuck with a lame Smart car.

"I'm totally ashamed to be seen on the same road as her," said the Blond in the passenger seat, drawing on eyeliner, so much she looked like a really bad blond Emo kid.

When the lights turned green, Cheeleader slammed on the gas, and Blonde shoved her eyeliner into her eye. Inside, I was cracking up. Outside, I was cool and calm. But I couldn't resist flipping them off as I drove away - come on, they totally dissed me!

I flicked my hair as I went down the road. God, girls like that were annoying. Though I kind of had to admit, I kept staring in the car mirror too, shocked. What the hell was this? I'd tie...

I have wireless earphones nd they are sooo helpful in listening to music in class
"Gul bil!!!" (Yellow car)
                              *punches nearest person in the face, throws glitter, and runs away*
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂my teacher would be like...lemme separate them
maybe I should try this earbud move. 
                              oh wait
                              I'll get my head chopped
                               right off
                              nevermind. Carry on
Tbh, if someone were to take one of my headphones I'd probably look at them like they're insane. But if they jam out to my music I'm alright with it. 😂 That's just me though.
And come on we all know how this story ends, we just wanna know what's in between