That Girl... (Four Swords x Reader)

That Girl... (Four Swords x Reader)

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Amethyst Jewel By poke-fangirl Updated Nov 12

Okay I've always wanted to write this! I've seen others stories but they never get finished! So I'll be the first! (Also this might have multiple endings for each Link!) Here's the description:

You are a normal girl in our world, you love the Four Swords manga. What happens when you wake up from a dream about the Links fighting over you?

Find out!

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I wouldn't be super excited about it. I don't really get excited about much.
My hair may be short, but I can still put it in a ponytail. It's barely long enough though. And I'm ambidextrous.
Cool, but I personally prefer fire. But I still like the idea of powers.
geekgirl626 geekgirl626 Jun 22
.....................................My name is Madison, ITS EIGHTH GRADE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!
Pusheen1010 Pusheen1010 Aug 16
My hair is so long I don't look like a boy with it pulled back
Ahh. So I look like a boy. Okay. In real life I kinda do to, so...