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Magic of the Mirror by TalaChevalier
Magic of the Mirrorby Clumsybooknerd
None of the others had known what Vio'd been doing when he was kneeling down by the shattered Dark mirror, everyone had passed it off as him paying their lost friend his...
four swords headcanons by strange113
four swords headcanonsby strange
I don't own the pictures
The House by Ancient-mask
The Houseby Ancient-mask
(Just something random that I decided to post here. May or may not ever be finished. Four Swords based) Shadow woke up at his friend's house after a party. According to...
Legend Of Zelda: S.S. High! by rosetealatte
Legend Of Zelda: S.S. High!by Nari O’Mara
This is the start of senior year for the siblings Vio and Red. They were the new kids, things started to go smoothly until people found out that Vio was indeed gay. Now...
True Friends by TransWeirdo
True Friendsby Hero of Time
Vio x Shadow Link AU one-shot. What if Shadow wasn't the one to have broken the mirror? What if he never did betray his master Vaati? What would happen during the final...
Link Boyfriend Scenarios by HcaxlHOB
Link Boyfriend Scenariosby hcaxl-hob
Hope You Guys Enjoy!!! I DO NOT own Legend of Zelda AT ALL!! Thank you.
Linked Worlds by aLm0sT01
Linked Worldsby Lunar_Tear
Inspired by jojo56830's Linked Universe AU. When Link woke up, he expected another normal day. After all, his journey was complete. He was done being a hero. He could l...
Legend of Zelda x reader [Lemons 🍋] by MaskyOc
Legend of Zelda x reader [Lemons � MaskyOc
._. sum lemons and I'm not sure if I'm going to be the best because meh first ever story xD Okie I'm just going to tell you this- this is not them meme ones like- (Y/N)...
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Foursword Boyfriend Scenarios [DISCONTINUED] by nioichin
Foursword Boyfriend Scenarios [ Lyn
Greetings, everyone! Welcome you to Fourswords Boyfriend Scenarios! The characters here Green Link, Blue Link, Red Link and Violet Link(aka. Green, Blue, Red and Vio)...
Legend of Zelda Oneshots and stuff 😋 by Lilliie09
Legend of Zelda Oneshots and Lillie
⚠️Does contain spoilers⚠️ HA you all thought I only write creepypasta! Nope! Also this is mainly gonna be about the games I've played. Link between worlds, Spirt tracks...
Four Swords One-Shots and Scenarios by Renne_2005
Four Swords One-Shots and Scenariosby Renne
Welp- title says it all: Four Sword One-Shot scenario things! (If I'm being honest I don't really know the difference oop-) Welp- enjoy!
Link Boyfriend Scenarios  by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
Link Boyfriend Scenarios by Toshiro_Hitsugaya01
This is a rewrite of a story I enjoyed. The Link (lmao get it?) will be in the description Also, there will be swearing because I'm like that...
Linked Through The Ages: A Linked Universe AU by Castielswings2
Linked Through The Ages: A Castiel's wings
Hello! This is just a fun thing I felt like doing as a way of getting a much needed break from college, while also practicing writing(which couldn't hurt lol). I have n...
Four Swords: Modern Day In America by rosetealatte
Four Swords: Modern Day In Americaby Nari O’Mara
It takes place in modern day New York. Red, Blue, Vio, Green, and Shadow all live in an apartment above a bar where Blue and Shadow work. Vio is a librarian, Red works a...
Whisper Of Love (Vaati X Female Reader) by Rosemary-Q
Whisper Of Love (Vaati X Female Rosemary-Q
Y/n lives a simple life until one day she gets lost in the woods and can't find a way out. She stumbled upon a pathway that seems to only lead her into the darkest part...
Hyrule Warriors: Rise of Valoria by Aki-no-densetsu
Hyrule Warriors: Rise of Valoriaby 秋/ジェームス
The land of Hyrule has been famous in legends throughout the land. From the skyward lands to the ancient floods of the Great Sea to the glowing embers of twilight, many...
Winds of Desperation - Vaati x Female Reader (BotW AU) by InsaneScholar
Winds of Desperation - Vaati x InsaneScholar
[Y/n] has lived her life wandering on her own for over a decade, ever since that incident at Hyrule Castle, when she was still a child. However, when an ancient evil thr...
The House Full of Links - Bunch of Links x Reader Fanfic by tetraishere
The House Full of Links - Bunch Link’s Shawty
You didn't expect to wake up to different versions of your favorite Nintendo character surrounding your couch! What will happen next? Enjoy a fanfic full of romance, co...
Shadow x Vio Oneshots by Shadow_Macaque13
Shadow x Vio Oneshotsby Shadow_Macaque13
I wanted to add more fandoms to my account and I love four swords. so enjoy a few Oneshots of my fave LOZ couple~ image: glitchedfoxx
FourSwords: Boyfriend Scenarios by Link2Quinne
FourSwords: Boyfriend Scenariosby Link2Quinne
*I take requests!* I'm working on adding things right now, so don't think it won't be continued! I hope you enjoy! ~Green, Blue, Vio, Red, And Shadow Will All Be Includ...