Watch out ➳ A jaspar fanfic

Watch out ➳ A jaspar fanfic

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bee By heartjaspar Updated Jul 06, 2017

"Leave kip and me alone! You don't know nothing!"

In which Joe ran away at the age of 13 and befriended a tiger named kip.

So what's supposed to happen when a certain snobby blonde South African takes a video of the two and it goes viral online?

Will the outsiders leave Joe and Kip alone? Or will their lives be ruined forever?

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Faux-Love Faux-Love Apr 02, 2017
I really like this story so far! Its so unique and different, like Joe Sugg with a tiger?? Who would've thought? Anyway, great story I'm looking forward to the read!
Silznt_Scream Silznt_Scream Oct 28, 2016
Okay. 👌
                              I'm soooo freaking exiting for this !!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆
_wildflowers _wildflowers Mar 10, 2016
It's a really good story line ! But what country does Joe live in 😂 it's hard to imagine tigers in the middle of London
Caaspaar Caaspaar Mar 09, 2016
This is ACTUALLY amazing. I'm loving this. I love tigers too much 😁😂💗
Caaspaar Caaspaar Mar 06, 2016
Oooh nice opening! Looking forward to this fic 😄😊😉💓❤