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A Different kind of Love

A Different kind of Love

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xoxwritingxox By xoxwritingxox Completed

Jaspar AU

Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg have been next door neighbors since they were babies. They grew up being best friends. That was until they got to high school and they drifted apart. Joe became the popular hottie and Caspar became the not so popular rebel.

They both are about to start their last year of high school. Will they remain how they've been for the past couple years or will things finally change?

Ummm Justin... You and your ex broke up 2 years ago.... ummmm
Why are people so obsessed with dan and Phil they're abit annoying in my opinion
Isn't that like an American thing though? Joe and Caspar are British
So is this a fanfic where he doesn't like Zoe and they don't share the same group of friends or?
Grac3x00 Grac3x00 Jan 31
Goddamnit motherfucker. Now joe's sad and it's only the second chapter