Joe Sugg | Imagines by sara1chupeta
Joe Sugg | Imaginesby Saraaa
The best Tumblr imagines about Y/N and Joe Sugg. *selection of imagines from all fandoms on Tumblr. Shout out to them <3*
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The One-Shots Of || Jaspar by -luminescence2
The One-Shots Of || Jasparby -
My collection of Jaspar one-shots that have been requested by followers via my Tumblr account. :)
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Jaspar || Why not? by Ellen24689
Jaspar || Why not?by Jaspar
Sometimes it's easy to cross the line between friendship and love...
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Unexpected by rebecca_xxxx
Unexpectedby rebecca_xxxx
Joe Sugg and Emily Hudson were best friends before they suddenly were split up and lost all contact with each other. Then one day she discovers youtube and finds Joe's c...
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All We Have is Love | Byron Langley 2 by skilered
All We Have is Love | Byron Langle...by sky
The second Book to "Swimming in Stars." After being in Colorado for a year and falling out of touch with her cousin and friends, Alexis finally feels as if she...
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Jaspar One Shots by iLOVEfanfiction3
Jaspar One Shotsby iLOVEfanfiction3
These will be one shots of Jaspar. It will contain fluff. No smut. Sorry, but I feel too awkward writing it. Edit: 1-1-19 #12 in Jaspar, what!? 1-3-19 Okay, so I guess...
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dominant~B•B by LoserJustWantsWaffle
dominant~B•Bby Mini Waffles
ongoing bellamy blake was always used to being dominant, but that was before he was sent down to earth. soon bellamy realises he's not as dominant as he thought, and chr...
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Chlack (Sequel to jaspar) by buttercreamdolan
Chlack (Sequel to jaspar)by Butercreamdolan
This will be carrying on from jack and Chloe's relationship from "Jaspar" but I will recap what happened in a fist chapter so you don't need to of read jaspar...
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Given (A Jaspar Fan-Fic) by cliquehelper
Given (A Jaspar Fan-Fic)by Patience
This story will show the struggle of depression and fear Joe is going through. Not only that but the struggles of falling for his new and charming friend Caspar Lee. P...
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9:00pm | jaspar by -caIumhood
9:00pm | jasparby angel !!
" Why are you always in this park every 9pm? " " I ran away from my dad " - Ever since Joe was 8, he always went to the park every 9pm since his dad...
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jaspar imagines [✔️] by teaatfiveorseven
jaspar imagines [✔️]by abby dabby ♡
"You are imperfectly perfect and that's why I love you."
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Those Who Love | Phan by mychemicalsophiee
Those Who Love | Phanby Soph♚
Dan is a prince - and a different one at that. Usually you'd think that being a prince is a dream come true, but not for Dan. He just wants a normal life, normal friends...
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Detention? Phan and Jaspar AU by AllTimePhan73
Detention? Phan and Jaspar AUby Blue ^-^
Four boys. Four personalities. Four lives. One detention can change everything. TW: ABUSE, BRIEF MENTIONS OF BULLYING AND A COUPLE MINUTE MENTIONS OF EATING DISORDERS...
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dear caspar // jaspar by -caIumhood
dear caspar // jasparby angel !!
[ wrote this when i was 11 okay] #33 on the jaspar tag thing ! Dear Caspar, I love you Joe xx - A story in where Caspar is in a coma and Joe writes shit loads of letter...
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Kings (Jaspar) by justokaytoday
Kings (Jaspar)by justokaytoday
Joes fine. He's not being beat up. He's not super popular. And besides the terrible things happening to his best friend and sister. Joe is fine until he meets Caspar. C...
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Jaspar One-Shots  by ReadingSuggy2X
Jaspar One-Shots by Em
Just a little space of the internet where I can dream about my two favourite Youtubers; Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee.
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•Secret•Conor Maynard• by CrazyPoystoNOzlo
•Secret•Conor Maynard•by Buttercream-botch
"Soooooo... I was your year ten crush then?" He says with a devious smirk and a sparkle in those blue eyes. "Don't flatter yourself Conor, you were every...
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Bad Boys // ButterCream Squad by jackandconormaynard
Bad Boys // ButterCream Squadby JackandConorMaynard
Maisy is a 21 year old photographer, also a blogger. Her blog has over two million reads daily, she wants the perfect life, perfect job, perfect family. But when she mee...
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Not Just Theirs || Jaspar by Pinkpuddles
Not Just Theirs || Jasparby Ellie
"In a place you'd never normally seek, Upon a strange turn of events, You'll soon grow near, and then you'll see, A mark that's not just theirs." No matter ho...
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my son's teacher; lashton by kxnga-m
my son's teacher; lashtonby party jumper ✨
gdzie ashton samotnie wychowuje syna, którego wychowawcą jest luke [powerbottom!ash top!luke] [side malum, jaspar & tronnor(tak jakb...
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