Muted Mate*EDITING*

Muted Mate*EDITING*

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He's an alpha.
She is nothing.
He's loud and outgoing.
She's a mute freak.
He needs his mate.
She wants to be dead.

What happens when two opposites cross paths?

{i wrote this when i was 14-15 so like please just relax on the comments thanks ma dudes. it moves quickly and it's cliche af and has many errors that i'm slowly fixing}

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Crazylplpl Crazylplpl Jul 06
Yeah, but I can't make them. Or pancakes. I think waffles and pancakes hate me even though I love them. We have a complicated relationship. 😶😔 (☺)
AlexVipond AlexVipond Jun 30
I suffer from severe anxiety and have panic attacks at least once a day. If ANYONE needs someone to talk to, I am here for you. We will all get through this shitty world together
OMG same! Except anxiety, age, name...anyways I hope you are doing great at everything and anyone can talk to me about anything! Plus my dad has lung cancer if anyone wants to talk 'bout things like this❤^-^.
                              I made you a waffle
                              But then I was like...
                              (> #^<)
                              "I'm hungry..."
                              (>*_*)> So I ate it.
Raevyn_crow Raevyn_crow Aug 11
Omg you are like my ligit twin including name. The only difference is our age
fandasaur fandasaur Aug 15
hey! We're reading a dead-girl's book! (That was meant as a joke, not hate! I've already read this, and I love it! XX) XD)))