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Muted Mate*EDITING*

Muted Mate*EDITING*

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bree By Dreamzzx Completed

He's an alpha.
She is nothing.
He's loud and outgoing.
She's a mute freak.
He needs his mate.
She wants to be dead.

What happens when two opposites cross paths?

{i wrote this when i was 14-15 so like please just relax on the comments thanks ma dudes. it moves quickly and it's cliche af and has many errors that i'm slowly fixing}

#385 in werewolf

WantToBeWere WantToBeWere 3 days ago
Good for you. It is amazing what some people will do when they have no creativity in themselves.
Kl_reads12 Kl_reads12 Jun 03
Guys I need help with my friend. She self-harms herself. Idk what to do she is young- 12 years old. What should I do?
psycho6021 psycho6021 2 days ago
Nice choice of words 😂 I'll beat the haters up if ya want. This story is really good. Idc if it has mistakes or seems like another book. Two ppl can get the same idea and write almost the same and have never read each others books. Like damn. It's that simple.
Ooh, I'm ADHD! And I suffer from social anxiety! And I have mild short term memory loss! Yeah... Okay, bye.
ElsiePeters ElsiePeters 2 days ago
Ya, thos bish assss haters need to leave cuz aint nobody want them around