My Pretend Boyfriend [Astro Fanfiction]

My Pretend Boyfriend [Astro Fanfiction]

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When a man in a fancy suit arrived in Aerim's school, she didn't expect him to choose her out of all the many grade ten girl students. She didn't have the face of a model, but people still tell her she's pretty. She considers herself as "average looking". 

She didn't even expect to end up being Yoon Sanha's pretend boyfriend! Since there was almost no way out, it looks like Aerim has to play pretend. 

Now the both of them have to keep their true relationship hidden or everything will just get messed up, more than it's supposed to be. 

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Amazing cover by @KimchiiDesu eonni <3

People can marry their cousins right....? I know someone who is married to her cousin. *cough* it's not weird right? You know what I'll just search it up.
OppaTaehyung_ OppaTaehyung_ 6 days ago
way different than my highschool you have classes all day and tutorial lessons during lunch, if you don't go you get tutorial lunch detention (goes for freshman through seniors)
baconator3K baconator3K Jul 08
Wait a minute.... Lee?  Sound familiar to anyone cause it does to me.
baconator3K baconator3K Jul 08
You dont even know what we are capable of we got it easy with more hiding places and can walk under low tree branches without ducking so I can't deny that.
What about your friend? Where she at? She probably lonely rn
Bessdog Bessdog Aug 07
Well where I'm from (Turkey) it's legal to marry your cousin. Let them move to Turkey