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My Pretend Boyfriend [Astro Fanfiction]

My Pretend Boyfriend [Astro Fanfiction]

37.6K Reads 1.9K Votes 23 Part Story
✿张欣芝❀ By QueenMichelsa Completed

When a man in a fancy suit arrived in Aerim's school, she didn't expect him to choose her out of all the many grade ten girl students. She didn't have the face of a model, but people still tell her she's pretty. She considers herself as "average looking". 

She didn't even expect to end up being Yoon Sanha's pretend boyfriend! Since there was almost no way out, it looks like Aerim has to play pretend. 

Now the both of them have to keep their true relationship hidden or everything will just get messed up, more than it's supposed to be. 

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All Rights Reserved

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Amazing cover by @KimchiiDesu eonni <3

clarabellion clarabellion Dec 27, 2016
So glad you put the translation, if you can you should do that for almost all Korean words so I can understand more but good job on the first paragraph so far 👏🏽
FiftyShadesOfWalkers FiftyShadesOfWalkers Dec 10, 2016
Principal: You've been chosen to pretend to be Astro's Yoon Sanha's girlfriend!
                              Me: Ok where is my senpai?
kpop_whuttt kpop_whuttt Sep 18, 2016
OMFGGG HAHAHAHAHHA wait, ur surname is Yoon? But Sanha is a Yoon too. Unless its Sanha's pov
smolbean_l_kpop smolbean_l_kpop Dec 31, 2016
IM SHORT BUT NOT MEAN~ <3 Well... Most of the time... Sometimes... Never mind i'm pretty mean hehe.
infinitejoyce infinitejoyce Dec 22, 2016
Omg I'm always like 1 min before the bell rings.. like srsly?! I got detention for being late 5 times.. and I can't seem to wake up at the proper time..
jaeminmylove jaeminmylove Oct 09, 2016
That's weird where I live in in tenth grade but I'm a sophomore