Started With A Kiss[An Astro Fan fiction]

Started With A Kiss[An Astro Fan fiction]

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Autumn By ChAhnyeoliee_Exo Updated 7 hours ago

~Senior year was supposed to be NORMAL.~


As the Title implies, their Story started with A Kiss.


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bih u sayin i can't run away from this, wATCH ME MR BEAN LOOKIN MF
-JeonNochu -JeonNochu Oct 08
Moonbin 1.Because He is in the cover. 2. Because the tittle of the story is It Started With a Kiss 3. I cant imagine the other members as players eccept him and maybe Rocky
charziepie charziepie Mar 28
YOU HAVE GOT TO UPDATED ASAP BECAUSE THIS STORY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s you are officially my favorite author
shoulda finna punch right her way by these lil hands coming from a 4'11/5' girl
elove47 elove47 Mar 29
I don't even watch those kind of movies and I think about stuff like that
elove47 elove47 Mar 29
Um I'm sorry but we tried really hard...I mean your gf is just crazy it ain't my fault