Started With A Kiss[An Astro Fan fiction] ✔

Started With A Kiss[An Astro Fan fiction] ✔

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LoveYourself By ChAhnyeoliee_Exo Completed

Senior year was supposed to be NORMAL.


As the Title implies, their Story started with A Kiss.


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"If you talk to me I'm going to kill you" look *throws it out the window as HE talks to HER*
ajklee ajklee Aug 27
???? My name is Anna!! You must be kidding me! Now this is easier to read than I thought!
Bessdog Bessdog Aug 09
ASTRO and be prepared cause their behaviour is equivalent to a monkey on meth and weed
Im sorry dude but this wouldnt happened if you didnt decide to kiss me
You're a little young to be a senior... Ordinary my arse lol >•<
DerpyIsSwag DerpyIsSwag Sep 16
But my religion is Jin so I don't go to church
                              I get a picture of Jin and keep on repeating the lyrics for Awake for a hour