My Dominant Mate

My Dominant Mate

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RayRay The Stingray By Alice_Edgley Updated Aug 01


Innocent little Abbey Zero. Just an average werewolf in the pack, nothing special and nothing much to look at. Unlike most of the girls in the pack she is a virgin. She has never even made out with anyone nor does she really want to for you see, she is scared of sex. She is so shy and bashful, she gets embarrassed easily too. So what happens when the most dominant alpha in America, the King Of Werewolves, comes to visit the pack and check up on things. 

Alpha Dimitri is the king of werewolves. He unlike some is into pretty kinky things...BDSM basically. He has been waiting for his mate for 4 years and still hasn't found her. Nowadays he's just doing casual kinky fucks while secretly hoping for his mate to come along.

This story will contain sex and depression. It may be a trigger for some people so don't read if you get triggered by mentions of self harm. Also DONT read if you can't deal with sex.

*Beautiful cover done by Ayiah_Jaddo*

Ashlee3405 Ashlee3405 a day ago
Wtf so they're okay with their daughter basically being servant😑
Its alright me to, I also have 2 guns and knives spread out. The first break in was enough for me. Though it made me a better person because know I have gun licensing.
FairytailOtaku101 FairytailOtaku101 Nov 13, 2016
Oh god, I don't know if I should turn away from embarrassment or keep reading
Lovesick26 Lovesick26 Jul 29, 2016
When's the next update? Story is good I like it so if you please update ASAP
awe! I love this book so far! Keep up the good work and update soon!
ccstenn ccstenn Dec 28, 2016
lol I have an imagination like an author but I'm to lazy to write a book 😂cuz then people will be like plz update but ITS TO FAR 😂so I don't write story's IM THE DEFINITION OF LAZY