Dimitri's Secret Desire

Dimitri's Secret Desire

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Gone. By Writer20161 Completed

After being cheated on and abandoned, Alpha Dimitri refuses to ever love another woman again. His daughters, Sara and Sage watch as its consequences start to worsen over the years. When it gets to the point that he's known as the heartless alpha once again, they seek a solution. Their solution comes in the form of a beautiful woman named Rosalie. 


"I do desire something..." he whispered in a husky voice, trying to escape the pull.

She smirked and pressed herself against him, knowing the effect she had on him. "And tell me, Alpha, what is your secret desire?"

"You'll never know."

"Oh, I think I know." she murmured, running her hands down his arms.

He swallowed, his eyes becoming hard once again. 

"It's not you."

  • alpha
  • betrayal
  • cheated
  • cheating
  • cold
  • cruel
  • depressed
  • guarded
  • hate
  • heartbroken
  • hurt-comfort
  • love
  • luna
  • mystery
  • pain
  • rogue
  • romance
  • stone-hearted
  • werewolf
  • werewolves
That's one sorry as bitch i hope she's barren now😤😤😤
Pencilla Pencilla Jul 28, 2017
ugh i've never actually been frustrated like this but for some reason this hits me hard.
reinz_ardo reinz_ardo Mar 02
It will be better if she's dead with her lover. That kind of woman will bring trouble in the future.
CupcakeKilla17 CupcakeKilla17 Oct 12, 2017
I will never understand how you can just not care for your own children
AsLeFl AsLeFl Dec 09, 2017
She's a mother and she speaks about her children like that? Miserable bitch!
Potato_WebRaz Potato_WebRaz Aug 26, 2017
*places hand over heart*
                              Well dammnn bitch , didn't have to say it to my face