The Daily Life of Emma Preston

The Daily Life of Emma Preston

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Stefanie Hoecker By Stefanie_Holecek Completed

**DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18** This story contains BDSM material! It's seriously Rated R for a Reason!!!


Times are tough for Emma. Going to school, working, and paying her bills by herself are just getting to be to much. By default, she finds a way to relieve all her stress and emotions and just lets go. As well as make some extra cash.

The only time she can do that is when she's dominated. The kinky way of sex is her release. Plus the money she gets for it helps out a lot.

Her only problem?

She's fallen in love with one of her regular clients, and battles between her body's desires, and her heart. Afraid of being hurt again, she keeps it inside herself until one day it slips out.

Jerry has a Major in Construction and owns his own business. He's wealthy and doesn't live to extravagantly, but like everyone; has his dirty little secret.

He loves this little blond girl he goes and sees every week for a night of filthy fun in a motel room. She's got him wrapped around her finger.

There's nothing he wouldn't do for Emma. When she's finally submissive to him completely, he takes things to the extreme. New heights for the both of them are reached, and he pushes her to her full potential, exposing her for the beautiful women that she really is.

Her loving him was just a bonus.

Cover by: Stefanie and Michael Holecek

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captain_chaos captain_chaos Oct 21, 2016
😯😯😯 my father in laws name is Jerry! 😢😢😢😢
wiedostilzkin wiedostilzkin Mar 22, 2016
I love it...its different from wat I normally read...good job
selfiecentered selfiecentered Oct 04, 2016
HÈLL YESSSSSSS TO ALL OF THIS, ESPECIALLY ANAL!!!!! this is why i'm married lmaooo
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Jun 20, 2016
Um that seems really dangerous to do unofficially. I mean extreme sadists could like strangle her or attempt to kill her to get off.
rsweetk rsweetk Mar 18, 2015
Omg the chap keeps repeating itself like lots I had to scroll fast for a minute or two to get to the end but omg I never read this type of story I meant woa she enjoy these pains 0.0
nyahxmarie nyahxmarie Sep 30, 2014
I legit thought that said Tom and Jerry were here, I'm sorry