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Zane-chan By Demon_Lost_Soul Updated Dec 20, 2017

You, The Reader-chan, walks in an asylum where young teenagers like to hangout and have parties, you are named 'The Asylum Walker' for what you do in the asylum. Your parents left you there in the exact same asylum you walk around because of a condition you had ever since you were born.

You have one eye that's your regular eye color while the other is a different color that's unnatural to other people. You meet this girl holding a teddy bear and she asked you to play with her and you did so, the girl has been coming every night to visit you and one night these guys come in and find the asylum and they get curious so they decided to go in and check it out.

Can you guess who is the girl and the guys? Hope you guys like this story!

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Shadow-Minty-Sama Shadow-Minty-Sama Sep 06, 2017
Ashley Scarve
                              Hair color:Strawberry blonde
                              Right eye:Chocolate brown
                              Left eye:Blood red
Scorpio_Sagittarius Scorpio_Sagittarius Jul 29, 2017
Name:Brooke Wado
                              Hair color:dark brown almost black
                              Right eye color:blue
                              Left eye color:red with black instead of the white of the eyeball
                              Killer name:colorful blood (oc)
APotatoRatioXP APotatoRatioXP Jul 24, 2017
Name: Nyx Wolff
                              Age: 16
                              Hair Colour: Black-ish Brown
                              Right eye colour: Dark brown
                              left eye colour: ying and yang
MaskedFire MaskedFire Aug 05, 2017
Name:Emily Stone
                              Hair color:Blonde and Purple
                              Right eye color: Dark Blue
                              Left eye color:Gold with silver specks and Black instead of white
Wolfinahowl Wolfinahowl Jul 26, 2017
Hair- Black
                              Right eye- light blue
                              Left eye- red
                              Name- Cheshire
APotatoRatioXP APotatoRatioXP Jul 24, 2017
I dont know how you found information on me but i dont give two fvcks.