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That artsy kid (Billdip AU)

That artsy kid (Billdip AU)

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PsychoFangirl By PsychoFangirlFeels Updated Oct 11, 2016

Dipper Pines is just a normal gay guy that captures the interest of Bill Cipher, a cool, stylish kid that thing too highly of himself. Dipper doesn't want anything to do with Cipher, but Bill just won't give up. Plus all of Dipper's family just really wants him to get a boyfriend. A BILLDIP FANFICTION AU

MissVirgilJNR MissVirgilJNR Dec 26, 2016
Ok, I know this has nothing to do with the book/chapter or anything, but I just realised that Mabel is literally me, no joke. She jokes around like me, makes weird statements and does weird things JUST LIKE ME and not to mention her appearance is JUST LIKE MINE. I'm so freaked out yet amazed xD
thecelestialangel thecelestialangel Mar 04, 2016
Lol Dipper's birthday is not even close to being a Virgo (I think)