The Carbon Copy #Wattys2016

The Carbon Copy #Wattys2016

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Dora Cordero By a-dora-ble Updated Jun 10, 2016

❝ Despite being different and unique, Orion was expected to become the exact replica of his older brother...A Carbon Copy. ❞

All his life, Orion Zhou has lived in the shadow of his older, more intelligent and successful brother Shen. In comparison, Orion is a recluse, a nobody, a boy that no matter what he does to appease his strict parents, is viewed as a failure, a disappointment to the family name. Nothing is ever enough for them; even his only friend, Barbara Santiago, is seen as inadequate.

As one of the few Asian students at his school, Orion is often shunned. Every day is a struggle to remain above it all until one day, fate acquaints him with the one person he never thought he'd come into contact with:

Carter Brown. 

Everybody knows him. Everybody wants to be him. With a strong sense of justice and a wealthy family background, it's hard not to fall for his charm. Orion soon finds himself grappling onto him with the hopes of a brighter future, but to gain acceptance into the exclusive inner circle, Orion has to give up the one thing he values the most:

His freedom. 

Cover by: @errantce