In The Night

In The Night

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Allyson has a single mom. That is until she announces she's getting married. Everything happens so fast that she never meets the guy until the wedding held in their backyard. This is when she meets the guy she'll be calling her step dad.
After the stressful night of meeting all these new people, Allyson finds herself on the rooftop, slightly drunk. With a bottle in hand, a guy her age joins her. They share the bottle and one thing leads to another.
After their kiss that night, they head separate ways. The next morning, the guy is still there. Their parents formally introduce them as their children.
They both find themselves in unmarked territory. As much as Allyson wishes she didn't like him, she can't control her feelings. She tries to keep her distance but he doesn't make it easy.
Due to her past, she's afraid to get close to anyone. Can her step brother help her move on?
(Step brother/Step sister)

WARNING: Mature Content.

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©2015 by G.M. Garcia

sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Mar 03, 2016
I'm with you olivia, your mom should've told you way before now instead of at the last minute.she didn't think to ask you how would you feel about having a step dad and step broth in your life and your she didn't even tell you that she was seeing someone.
snow-16 snow-16 Sep 15, 2016
If only Olivia's mom acted the same way as his dad did and introduced them and
                              Gave her a choice🙄
cannotbeloved cannotbeloved Oct 15, 2016
Finally some one spelles allyson right its my name and peoplr useally spell it like Allison
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Mar 03, 2016
You will ryan andbsooner than you think just don't know yet but you will find out very soon.
VicaMore VicaMore 4 days ago
Okay, I would be pissed. Grand Theft Auto is almost in the same situation my mom was engaged within a month and married within a year but at least we knew about it when she first got engaged. And not like a day before
ChristyMiller649 ChristyMiller649 Apr 09, 2016
She could have told her months ago that she was seeing someone it would have come as less of a shock to her that she was getting married especially since they are moving in with them and the fact that the guy has a son