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******  Explicit Language & Sex scenes FYI ******
**** Full of cheating, lies, drama. All that good stuff. ****

"We can't do this, we have to talk first." I said as he picked me up, sitting me on the top of the counter, placing his lips on the side of my neck, sucking on it softly while running his hands down the curves of my body, causing me to get weaker by the second.

"What did you say?" He said as he kissed his way up to my ear, and pulling my dress up over my ass in the process, and kissing over to my lips to look in my eyes, and rubbing his hands to my back unzipping my dress slowly. I could still feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I'm sure he could too. His voice was making me melt, and the feeling of his lips against my skin was driving me wild.

"You're my ex-" I couldn't even finish my sentance, or get my mind back to what I was going to say, once he slowly slid his hand between my legs into my blue laced panties. I felt my breath getting heavy, and my body began to tremble just a little. I gripped onto the edges of the counter and closed my eyes, and with no control over myself my head tilted back as he laid his lips against my neck once again.

It was bad at how fast my body was moving in sync with his and how it was catching back on to his touch. My emotions were running wild, and I couldn't fix my mouth to say anything at the moment. This was my ex I haven't seen or talked to in years, and here he was. Had me sat up, spread apart on the kitchen counter in my house, the same counter my husband lays me on. He slowly leaned his body against mine while kissing up to my other ear and whispering, "Relax, cause I'm just getting started."

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