You again? (Hikaru X reader)

You again? (Hikaru X reader)

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You and Hikaru have been dating for 4 years now, and you were on your 4th year anniversary.

While you were eating with Hikaru, you got a call from your dad.

"(Y/N), please come home, your mother is very sick, she is in the hospital...

You just stood there, with tears forming in your eyes

"I-I need to go I'll see you later.." You said sadly trying not to cry. "I'm coming with you" Hikaru said, and grabbed your hand.

When you got to the hospital, you came through her room and saw your dad crying.

"She's gone (Y/N), she's gone...

You started bursting into tears, burying your face into Hikaru's chest. Hikaru started kissing your head.

~time skip brought to you by club cake~

"Hey, can you come over today?" Hikaru asked over the phone. 

"Sorry Hikaru, I still have to go to the funeral, and me and my dad are really stressing out..."

"Oh, ok"

You hung up on Hikaru and pinched the bridge of your nose then sighed

~time skip after funeral~ 

"Hey dad, I'm going to Hikaru's place toda...

Mom dies on my 4 year anniversary. Thanks mom! 
                              Ok I shouldnt say that its all fate on when we die. Sorry mom!
Anime_Author246 Anime_Author246 7 days ago
Okay, where the actually fudge is Kaoru? I need to cry..
                              KAORU BE MINE 😂
135little 135little Aug 26
Wait, I have long brown hair
                              Little twin!
                              *ahem* back to the matter at hand
Mysti10 Mysti10 Aug 26
Nah I still vote because this one was better than the other
                              Who knows they probably copied you since you are really good at making fan fictions...ESPECIALLY SINCE IT HAS MAH BAE IN IT!!
Mysti10 Mysti10 Aug 26
I saw the same thing in another story but it was the Grandma that died not mom...are you stealing ideas
                              The title was also the same it was called You?Again? (Eren x reader)
                              I think you are copying
HannahD1999 HannahD1999 Nov 14
*goes into the corner of shame* Another one bites the dust popped into my head when I read this. I have no heart.