Marrying The Mafia

Marrying The Mafia

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AJ By DreamingStar7 Updated May 22, 2014

“You are mine to do with as pleased,” he sneered, the menacing look in his eyes told me this wasn't going to go as well as I first thought it would. What had I gotten myself into?

“You will do as I say, be as I say and most importantly don’t try to double cross me because it’ll only cause you your life,” he growled, I nodded looking at the floor not being able to sum up the courage to face him.

Sidney made a decision and now against all odds she has to stick to it. She was someone else's property, someone she never knew, a Mafia to be specific in this situation but right now to be honest she couldn't do anything.

What do you do when you are sucked in a tangled web of instantaneous decisions and long, lived past that everyone is afraid to open?

You pretend it never happened.

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harjot_x harjot_x Aug 19, 2014
Yess cant wait to get started reading this story!! Hope this is the story im looking for!! Been a long time, no good stories aroind
blissit blissit Feb 26, 2014
Good luck , I found the description of this book to very good , so I thought I would give it a go :D .
DreamingStar7 DreamingStar7 Jul 15, 2013
@theeditorschoice thank you so much xx it will be starting very soon just after I finish the a team :) im glad you liked it
dark-shadows dark-shadows Jul 15, 2013
@DreamingStar7 : This book sounds really interesting. I can't wait till you start writing it.
DreamingStar7 DreamingStar7 Jul 01, 2013
@A_Walk_In_The_Rain @MandM4121 @LovelyLazyLily 
                              Thanks guys, I will continue it definitely after your positive comments :) Thank You <3 xx
A_Walk_In_The_Rain A_Walk_In_The_Rain Jun 27, 2013
Do CONTINUE!!!!!!!!! the intro sounds pretty interesting! :))