Pregnant by a Murderer

Pregnant by a Murderer

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Giavanni Hurtado By Giavannih Completed

"How dare you fucking disobey me!," He grits his teeth clenching his fists while glaring at me.

"Please let me go, I promise I won't say anything to anyone," I beg tears sliding down my cheeks slowly backing away from him.

"Didn't I make myself clear already? You will never escape from here."

My heart sinks down to my stomach. Anger quickly rising making me splutter two words I'd soon would regret.

"FUCK YOU!," I scold.

"What did you just say?," he grumbles his chocolate brown eyes three shades darker almost looking black.

I gasp, as my back hits the wall watching him close in on me.

I try to curve to the side, but he immediately closes me in by stretching both of his arms out. His hands firmly flat against the wall.

"Repeat what you just said to me Madison," he evilly mutters his eyes locked with mine.

"Leo please," I mumble.

"You will learn to obey me," he venomously says his hot breathe hitting my flesh near my ear.

Suddenly, his large hand grips my neck tightly chocking me. Both of my hands clutches onto his hand trying to free myself from his grip.

"P-pl," I struggle to say while trying to breathe. I can feel the life in me slowly slipping away. My vision starting to blur in and out of focus.

Leo suddenly let's go of my neck and I helplessly drop to the floor gasping for air like a fish gasps for water.

I can feel tears sliding down my cheeks as I realize my life could of ended in the hands of this handsome murderer.

"Recognize who you are speaking to. No one, I mean no one ever disrespects Leo Castillo, leader of The Red Eagles!", he firmly says his cold eyes glaring down at me.

I stay silent completely mute. My body trembling from pure fear scared to say anything that might upset him again.

Leo turns his heel walking out of the room locking it from the outside leaving me in shock of what just happened.

"What the fuck did I get myself into?"