I'm Stronger Than Before! (ALG Prequel)

I'm Stronger Than Before! (ALG Prequel)

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Ayah~ By GothicEmo_Sakura09 Completed

Sakura Haruno...

She's more than meets the eye as everyone has said to her after knowing or talked to her..

Because for some reasons:

She looks fragile
She's A medic
She's kind
She let her emotions/feelings show (most of the time though)
She has the brain like Shikamaru Nara


She can Crashed a whole 1 mile radius ground in just one punch
She have exceed her mentors medical abilities(Which is the Godaime Hokage: Tsunade)
She of course the least you can think

ANBU Squad Captain...

~I don't Naruto Charaters, I only own the plot of this FanFiction~

-AYAH- (=^_____^=)

Second Book is -Akatsuki's Little Girl (Complete)
Third Book- OtogaKure's Angel (On Going)

Aya_Is_Kawaya Aya_Is_Kawaya Apr 23, 2014
Come on it was gettin good can u write on my account as a hint who showed up plzzzzzz its soo good sempai
DominaZina DominaZina Feb 21, 2014
oh wait, this is where she turn into a baby, soz. awsome storoie :D