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The Queen of Masks *Sakura Haruno Story*

The Queen of Masks *Sakura Haruno Story*

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Cat By BananaSplit01012014 Updated Jun 10

There is a famous legend telling the story of a woman. No one knew her age or what she looked like, since she always had a fox mask on her face, they only knew that if you ever came across her, turn and run the other direction. 
    She had been reported to randomly appear while ninjas are on missions and killed anyone who angered, disrespected, or simply annoyed her.
    You'll know it's her when the world around you seems to go completely silent and only the sound of wind chimes can be heard. She wore a white, grey, and blue fox mask and is said to have short, blue hair. 
    It's said that she is the most powerful ninja to ever live. 
    She has been come to be known as the Queen of Masks, and she has picked a student.
    Sakura Haruno is about as normal as you can get (other than the pink hair). She's not from a famous clan, and she doesn't have a powerful demon sealed inside of her. She's not a super genius (but she's pretty smart), and she doesn't have a bloodline trait or Kekkei Genkai to distinguish her from the other ninja around her.  Never had she been considered more than a pretty face. 
    What she doesn't know is that despite being seemingly completely normal, she has caught the eye of a very powerful person, changing her life, and the lives of many others.
  All of the credit for this amazing, amazing, AMAZING, cover goes to @RealityKeeper

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Alpha_10 Alpha_10 May 28
Here lies the hero....that was supposed to be. A hero.....GODAMN IT !!!NARUTO
LadyEl25 LadyEl25 Apr 23
Ouch. "weakling" is a bit too much considering she has a mean punch when it comes to Naruto lol
- - Apr 21
I had this in my library for some time waiting to be read and I'm surprised I didn't read it earlier cause this seems so promising and amazing so far
ThatEczemaGirl ThatEczemaGirl May 06, 2016
I kinda stoped breathing with that last sentence. Just begun and I LOVE IT!!
WEIRDanimeBOOKlover WEIRDanimeBOOKlover Apr 14, 2016
ILuvAnimangas ILuvAnimangas May 04, 2016
I'm gonna help you and vote on every chapter and read every chapter bcuz i feel like it now don't kill me and hug me to death tmrw plllllzzzz