Lucas Coly *Rated R* Imagines

Lucas Coly *Rated R* Imagines

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VaanessaMK By VaanessaMK Updated Feb 01, 2016


It's Saturday night and I always catch Lucas watching TV when he is supposed to beat this cat like there is no tomorrow.

I looked at Lucas and his eyes were glued to the TV, I need to do something about this! I Creeped up beside him and stroked his lap slowly. " Luuucaas..." 😥 I whined. "Yeah Y/n?" he said still looking at the TV. "I wanna have Fun now so can you turn of that thing?" I said while licking his ear. "Yea in a minute i just wanna finnish this." See now I don't know what came over me but I grabbed the remote control from him and turned of the TV. And then he snapped "YO I WAS ALMOST FINISHED!!?, THA FUCK IS WRONG WITCHU!?" he screamed. "Give me the remote shawty!" and then I did something I knew I was gonna regret. I threw the remote controll across the room and pushed him back on the sofa.

Absolute silence....

He looked me dead in the eye and then he crossed the room within 2 seconds and threw me over the shoulder. I screamed. "U better shut that ass up ma" he said...

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username_2145 username_2145 Aug 06, 2017
Hair: curly(black)
                              Skin: light skin
                              Time: 1:00 am
                              Place: room
SoundsLikBilly SoundsLikBilly Sep 18, 2017
Hair:Sandy Brown
                              Eyes:Hazel Brown
                              Place:Lucas Bedroom/Kitchen
destineycaine destineycaine Oct 10, 2017
Hair: light brown straight/ wavy 
                              Eyes:dark brown 
                              Skin: light skin
                              Time: 10:00 pm
                              My house
lewancoly lewancoly Jun 07, 2017
Hair: blonde 
                              Eyes: brown/ hazel 
                              Skin: white (unfortunately) 
                              Time: 3:00 am
                              Place: Lucas bedroom
china_baby1 china_baby1 Nov 17, 2017
Hair:Black n curly
                              Eyes:Hazel brown
                              Place-My house
ShakiaBrown ShakiaBrown Mar 14, 2017
Hair:long black and blonde ombre
                              Place:on the beach