Erotica: Phone Sex And Other Complications

Erotica: Phone Sex And Other Complications

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xXHero8Xx By xXHero8Xx Completed

Laura works for a Phone Sex agency and after her step-brother- who she admires from afar- finds out, what will happen? 

R-Rated book

Keep an open mind and enjoy! xXx

    I love your writing style! Unlike other erotica pieces i have read, the language in yours is rich and as a good flow. Clearly this wasn't written by a horny 10 year old trying to express their sexual fantasies. A very mature, professional and well written chapter! 🙌
    SadSmolKid SadSmolKid May 11, 2016
    Second time reading and I'm still laughing as hard as the first time 😂😂😂
    That awkward moment when you come across your own comment a year later...
    Naomi_mccarrol Naomi_mccarrol Mar 07, 2016
    It won't let me see chapter 1? I've followed and deleted the book and added it again too??
    matishienelle04 matishienelle04 Nov 02, 2015
    Not a liar there. Lot of men will say their 8, when their lies is bigger than their *blip*
    JessikaRabbyt JessikaRabbyt Aug 03, 2015
    They just need to do it and get it over with. They can love each other, they're not related. They're grown and they weren't raised together. It's not their fault there parents met first. He wants her. He needs to stop denying it.