The Bond of..?

The Bond of..?

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Candy_ Mandy By Mandy4144 Updated Jan 08

Proud winner of the WRITERS AWARDS 2016 in General Fiction

Sana walked through the bridge, ready for a new future far away from her past life. All she wanted now was some freedom and space. Right when she was about to step into her new life of joy and happiness, her husband grabbed her back into his messy life. 

Sana's husband, Aarav Ross has more to his life than she ever expected. Aarav whom she thought was arrogant, yet caring was not just arrogant but  ruthless, selfish guy who could play with anyone's lives to achieve his goals. 

After going through extreme pain since childhood, how will Sana's life change when she learns about the deal of her life? How will she survive after knowing about her husband's true nature? What will the name of their bond or hate?

Come follow Sana as she discovers HERSELF in her fight of life, as she finds TRUE LOVE in someone she never expected to, as she lands herself in a HOME which was never supposed to be hers and gives a name to her BOND.

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stilife stilife May 19, 2016
He is rudeeee.....but still I find them really really cute. I think there is going to be something very interesting, can't wait to keep reading. Nice story!
RoshniY RoshniY Nov 09, 2016
The cover is mindblowing.
                              Ok though I have read it in Tu, i came back to vote in every single chapter. Maybe somehow I can show u my <3 Missed u lot Mandy.. Waiting for the next.
                              Hope you are doing great.
loveforrain loveforrain Apr 30, 2016
Hmmm...I think he is hiding his past or something like that, have to read on to see whether that will come true or not. Besides that, this is fabulous. Remarkable to grab interest! keep writing!!
loveforrain loveforrain Apr 30, 2016
This is sooo addicting, both of your stories are mindblowing!! I mean each and every line is soo precise and very well written. You are god gifted in this, I must say!
ash_books491 ash_books491 May 09, 2016
Wow, this a very interesting story! Good start, can't wait to read more!
loveforrain loveforrain Apr 30, 2016
Seriously, who has soo much craving over popcorn? I mean, I do have it over chocolate, but first time hearing over popcorn. Seems as intense as mine!