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"Nick," the man said with a flirty smile, taking my hand in his and pressing his lips to the back of my hand, lingering momentarily and then letting go. 
I felt my face heat up and suddenly wished I'd piled on the foundation so that no one would notice how extreme the blush creeping up my cheeks was. 
"Nice to meet you," I said quietly, hoping my voice didn't really sound as shaky to everyone else as it did to me. 
"Likewise," Nick said, keeping his eyes locked on mine. 
I started to wish I had worn a dress that wasn't so revealing. I loved this dress because it showed off my figure and my cleavage perfectly and made me feel like a model. But under Nick's stare, I felt naked, and by the looks of his smirking expression, he probably wished I was. 


He's undercover. She's under him.
Carrie is happily engaged to Derek. She believes he's the man of her dreams. But when she meets the handsome, seductive Nick Granger at a business dinner, her curiosity is peaked. Nick is smooth and sexy, and though Carrie's never cheated once in her life, she finds it almost impossible to resist him. When a supposed-to-be one night stand turns into an ongoing affair, Carrie finds herself trapped between marrying the man she thinks she loves and leaving him for the man she can't say no to. To make matters even more complicated, when Derek's secrets start unraveling, Carrie discovers Derek isn't the innocent, perfect man she thought he was. But Nick has secrets of his own as well.

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Warning: This novel contains graphic sexual encounters and strong language. Reader discretion advised.

_wonderingALICE _wonderingALICE Jul 05, 2016
Damn I love how you write your story! It got me hooked already in the first chapter! 😁
painted-roses painted-roses May 07, 2016
This is really quite amazing so far, especially for just a first chapter.
tylerwdaniels tylerwdaniels Jun 29, 2016
I love this story. It's amazing. Seriously. Don't ever stop writing. You're the best!