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Pen Your Pride
Doctor Strangelove

Doctor Strangelove

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pg family friendly By jackskellingtonrulz5 Completed

Friendship comes and goes alongside the passage of time, but sometimes, the bonds between certain people are stronger than normal. Stephen Strange and Rachael Barrow grew up together, their bond wavering, but never breaking. Together, they've pushed through the trials of their lives and overcame countless obstacles. 

Their dreams, however, were far from similar. Rachael made a career out of her passion for acting and became one of the most well-known actresses in Broadway, while Stephen spent the majority of his thirty-three years of life learning to become a neurosurgeon, one of the best in the world. Though his success made him arrogant and haughty, the only person who he doesn't wave his success over is Rachael. 

But, one fateful night, Rachael and Stephen's bond of trust gets tested once more, pushed to its breaking point. Stephen's been in a car accident, and the nerves in his hands have been damaged to the extent where he can no longer hold a pen without shaking, making it impossible for him to operate as a neurosurgeon anymore. Eventually, Stephen started using alcohol to cope with his denial. Yet, that wasn't enough. Perhaps the East has a cure, a so-called 'Ancient One' to mend his nerves and let him operate once again.

And so, he fled, so desperate that Rachael never even crossed his mind, not when he packed, not when he got on the plane. She didn't even know that he was leaving in the first place.


Disclaimer: Description written by @StymxK; go check out her great work! I do not own Doctor Strange or any of the characters or objects affiliated with him. All rights go to MARVEL. Rachael Barrow belongs to me. 

A/N: This story was started four months before the movie was released. Once the movie is out, I will brush up on the details but I will not change much.

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dragonflymetothemoon dragonflymetothemoon Jul 16, 2017
For the life of me, I cannot stop reading this in my head as Raphael and it's never not funny
the_fandom_jumper the_fandom_jumper Mar 13, 2017
I actually feel really close to her because I played Grace when I was 14
MJPereson MJPereson Nov 10, 2016
But honestly I'm SOOO PUMPED to be reading a Doctor Strange Fanfic....I've been searching😂😂😂😂
Nightie0914 Nightie0914 Nov 13, 2016
Am I the only one picturing young Strange as the same curly headed boy as young Sherlock?
MJPereson MJPereson Nov 10, 2016
I'm not quite getting where the name Strangelove comes from?
ReignNevaeh ReignNevaeh Oct 12, 2016
Uh you do know the original doctor strange was born in the 1930's not the 2000's so computers weren't invented