Hawkeye meets Half-Blood

Hawkeye meets Half-Blood

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AWESOMEperson453 By AWESOMEperson453 Updated Oct 26

So I had this idea in my sick imagination,or maybe someone already came up with it and I just haven't see the story yet.

So everyone has probably seen the type of story where Clint Barton is a demigod son of Apollo...

But what if, instead he was the UNCLE to a demigod son of Apollo, Will Solace to be exact.

What will happen? Read and find out
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I don't own Percy Jackson cuz the genius Rick Riordan does and Marvel owns the Avengers 


Comment if you get the reference!

Does is he not slightly worried that his 16 year old nephew brought his bow with him
I want to saw thank you for writing a new non-cliche crossover
In trials of Apollo he said that she was named Niomi (I think that's how you spell it) and she was and alt-country singer