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Agent Jackson (Percy Jackson and The Agents of Shield Sequel)

Agent Jackson (Percy Jackson and The Agents of Shield Sequel)

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kmeyer11 By kmeyer11 Completed

Five years after constantly fighting battles and going on quests a new son of Ares shows up. Just like all Ares kids (with an exception of Frank) he's arrogant and selfish. But this ones different. He wants to be the best and he's willing to do everything in his power to be the best but there's one thing standing in his way, Percy and his new fiancé, Annabeth. He's determined to find away to turn the camp against him. 
What happens if he does? Could the famous Percy Jackson become the famous Agent Jackson? Will Percy do the right thing and take Annabeth with him?
Read this book to find the answers. 

(I don't own any of these characters. They belong to Rick Riordan and Marvel.)

Lol, Clarisse isn't bad at all, she's just a little harsh, but she would always protect fellow demigods and, although grudgingly, respects Percy. So, if she isn't possessed by an Eidolon or something, I don't see me liking the story. We'll see, though.
Bookadict5 Bookadict5 May 31, 2016
Excuse me kind person but WHAT IS WRONG WITH CLARISSE?!?!?!?
Softband Softband Mar 04
vwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwvwv. I don't even know why I wrote that. Screw Damien.
Robbie-Rotten Robbie-Rotten Sep 09, 2016
I read the blurb (can you call it that?) And I was like 'I wanna be the very best like no one ever was'
Rhian231 Rhian231 Oct 30, 2015
OK, That Damien kid is just ****** up! Why lie about it? Honestly! If I was Percy, I would just go up and give that ****head Damien a knuckle sandwich. Which I constantly do to boys.