Banana Bus crew smut

Banana Bus crew smut

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The kawaii potato By happycutegem Updated Nov 22

Hey my little potatoes how you doing 

Anyway I got bored today and well I decided to write you guys a Banana bus crew smut book!yay!and who knows I may add some other ships if you ask nicely 

Anyway that's all I got to say and I hope you enjoy 



Alcyquen Alcyquen Sep 09
That would be plesure torture for me since when you're tied up, you can't move and then anything the person does to you, you can't do anything about it.
Me: *Sitting with the Bbs crew* You guys wanna see some h2OVanoss?
                              Bbs crew: Yeah sure. Cant be twrrible.
                              Me: *Shows them this lovley smut*
                              Bbs crew: HOLY F*CKING JESUS.... Where did you find this book! 👌🏼😀
Jaffacake30 Jaffacake30 Oct 27
Hi I was wondering if you'd be interested in my book "girls only" :)
I can just imagine him siting there tied up going in a soft voice "fuuuuuuuu"
Im ready! *Sits on the couch and cant find any popcorn* DAMNIT!
                              *Waves to author* DO YA HAVE ANY POTATOES I CAN HAVE WHILE I READ?!