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BBS Oneshots |TAKING REQUESTS| by Am_Weldcat
BBS Oneshots |TAKING REQUESTS|by Bagged_Milk
Why do I need a description? Just read the book- I mix and match ships. Takin' requests. Request any ship ye want. My favs are: Moocat Minicat Terrormoo Terrorcat Vanca...
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔ by Other_Raccoon
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔by Owl
A boy that suffered from anorexia nervosa moved from his home town to Canada with his currently abusive mother and scared sister. With no one to go to for help he deals...
The omega's secret by mattyagami7
The omega's secretby matt yagami
Delirious is a omega, But to all his friends they see him as alpha. when a day comes when they finally meet delirious. he finds out that he's not the only omega hiding...
Random Smut  by XxshavonnexX
Random Smut by XxshavonnexX
basically all the smut i thought of but just couldent make a full story out of veddie,billdip,H2Ovanoss,Minicat, Evan batjokes! all the smut i have to
Well Then... (H2OVanoss Fanfiction) by TouchDaNic_
Well Then... (H2OVanoss Fanfiction)by Why Don't We? <3
"So new kids huh?" I ask just to make sure "Mhmm" Nogla/David hummed "Yep, there they are." Ohm pointed to the entrance of the school &quo...
Text Mate (BBS Crew Fanfic) [Completed] by ChaolypticCrticism
Text Mate (BBS Crew Fanfic) [ ChaolypticCrticism
Highest ranking: #518 in Fanfiction Introducing Text Mate! The first app that allows you to anonymously chat with people in your area! Just answer a few simple questions...
Vanoss crew One Shots by Fan_O_Hour
Vanoss crew One Shotsby ▪️Brick ▪️
Banana Bus Squad One shots Vanoss Crew plus others I'll take requests but I mainly just write my own ideas now
Slave Boys And Gangster Guys <A BBS FANFIC> by KaytiKitty
Slave Boys And Gangster Guys by Catty Kayt B.
Craig, Brock, Marcel, Jon, and Lui were kidnapped or sold into human trafficking. Once being bought by a gang they are treated horribly and have given up all hope. But w...
Dear Diary (Krii7y) by gbg-bbs
Dear Diary (Krii7y)by bbytae
It's based off another book I have on my other acc @minibitxh-
BBC and Misfits One Shots/ Smuts by MisfitsBitch
BBC and Misfits One Shots/ Smutsby Racc'd
request are closed until later noticed Also the misfits on here as well ( but working on them ) one shots about the BBC crew aka banana bus crew •highest rankings• #1 da...
Psychotic Brat (H2OVanoss) by drugstoreryujin
Psychotic Brat (H2OVanoss)by Ry
Jeremy, the founder of 'The Lunatics' is in debt. One of his members injured a member of the BB Squad. He has to give one of his people up to replace the other's injure...
H20Vanoss omegas and Alphas by Emilythemonster08
H20Vanoss omegas and Alphasby EmilyTheMonster
Jonathon(H20delirous) was an omega. Vary rare for males. Evan(vanossgaming) is an alpha. Jonathan's friends doesn't know that he is an Omega, except Luke(Cartoonz). Jona...
Selectively Mute | H20Vanoss by smol_inku
Selectively Mute | H20Vanossby Inky
Selective mutism is a severe anxiety disorder where a person is unable to speak in certain social situations, such as with classmates at school or to relatives they do n...
Vanoss Crew One-Shots! by MoonCheese-CAKE
Vanoss Crew One-Shots!by MoonCheese-CAKE
A collection of BBS smuts/lemons, & fluffs.
VibeChat (BBS Groupchat)  by BlondeLADD
VibeChat (BBS Groupchat) by Boo You Whore
Welcome one and all to VibeChat! A new app where you can text/chat with your friends or even meet new people! Chat in group chats or with one person! Please enter your...
Stuck as kid Delirious by mattyagami7
Stuck as kid Deliriousby matt yagami
Delirious/Jonathan helps his friends Mini/Craig and Moo/Brock with there secret lab work that they did for the group. A drink that they had him take tasting of off appl...
In love with my bestfriend H20Vanoss by Teddy_Bear2732
In love with my bestfriend Magic Hoodini
Jonathan (Delirious) was Bestfriends with the crew...Suddenly he meets this guy and falls in love and then he gets into a relationship with the guy and Jonathan distance...
BBS, GBG & GOOP OneShots by Thrubbish
BBS, GBG & GOOP OneShotsby :))
hey this is just oneshots of gbg, bbs, and the click with eachother mostly based on requests this is pretty old, so its embarrassing when i see people reading this cause...
WHAT?! by snowglitchz
WHAT?!by snowflake kitsune
Half the gang decides to take a break. They go on a night walk till they get pushed into a van. What happens when they wake up as animals in places they least expected...
the fuck boy's roommate  by meme_queen1
the fuck boy's roommate by °_°
Art work by @6Tysk4 go follow them they totally deserve it! college is something most kids look forward to...well jonathan isnt like most kids especially since he is tra...