Here (An MiniCat FanFic)

Here (An MiniCat FanFic)

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True:Kitty By Fandomz2True Updated Jan 15

Craig- a 18 year old boy getting abused by his father every day because of being gay. Unpopular at school and has one friend. Brock. And he suffers depression and self hate

Tyler- an 18 year old boy who lives a dream life. perfect friends, nice parents, popular. But every perfections has a flaw. And that flaw is loneliness.

Both meet one day. The day Craig wanted to leave.
Will both fall for one another on their own?
Or will they need a little push?

Read to find out.

This is a boyxboy book and if you don't like don't read!
Btw there will be heavy language!
Might be triggering in some of the chapters..

Artist for cover- PowerUPcanteenPFDA
*applauds her*

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Bacoon_bear Bacoon_bear Nov 02, 2017
I'm very glad my dad or mom isn't like this because I'm bisexual and u told them they didn't believe me but they still accepted me
SilentReject SilentReject Jul 03, 2017
Did anybody else think of faze clan (it's a competitive video game team)
you touched da child...You touched the child! YOU TOUCHED DA CHILD...YOU TOUCHED DA CHILD! YoU tOuChEd Da ChIlD...YoU tOuChEd Da ChIlD!! Y . o . U . t . O . c . H. e . D . a . C . h . I . l . D... Y . o . U . t . O . c . H. e . D . a . C . h . I . l . D!!!!!
ChaosGoesViral ChaosGoesViral Aug 26, 2016
SeptiplierTrashX3 SeptiplierTrashX3 Dec 05, 2016
That went from:
                              "Hi son! Ya know, I love ya!" 
                              "What?? I MOTHER FREAKING NATE YA.
OssyReReWP OssyReReWP Mar 15, 2016
Why do people hate on gays? Personally I like neither male nor female, but who cares if they like the same gender? I mean, it's just so stupid!