Race To The Finish || z.m.

Race To The Finish || z.m.

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Reputations are made and laws are broken, here on the roads of Las Vegas. But passing the finish line first for one life threatening race is all Zayn Malik needs to do... to win it all.

WARNING: Contains graphic sexual content

Cover credits to: @Spitefully

-themystery -themystery Aug 06
Yeah when the crowd,chants it is when he'll know it #savageislite
-themystery -themystery Aug 06
He rub's people of their cars,in races pssh and he calls himself the best when he can't even buy his own cars.
chancesbebe chancesbebe Aug 31
Every time I see these racing scenes my mind goes straight to worst case scenario which is one of them crashing into the girl waving the flag
-themystery -themystery Aug 06
Sixteen lost my innocence at a much younger age,it was taken by wattpad.
yxngmvmii yxngmvmii Oct 28
These one word answers are making me feel hot and bothered why 😩😩