The Billionaire's Mask

The Billionaire's Mask

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"You shall not enter Master Brandon's bedroom or his study. He's not a patient man. No one is allowed to enter his room. You can do whatever you want in this house, but, never enter into his room until you are permitted to. Do you understand?" Madam Lennie said. It was clearly marked in her eyes on how serious she was. 

I gulped in nervousness. I should really keep that in mind.

I nodded. "I understand, Madam.  May I ask you a question, Madam Lennie?" there's a hint of hesitation in my voice, whether I'm going to ask her or not.

"Yes, Miss Hart," she said, we stopped in the middle of walking at the long stairway.

"I noticed the painting on the living room. Is he the Master?" I remember exactly the features of the man in the painting. Dark hair, chiseled jaws, piercing gray eyes, perfect nose bridge, thin pinkish lips and an expressionless face. Despite being stoic, the man in the painting looked incredibly hot.

She looked at me, "One more thing, that's going to be the last time you are going to ask me that." And then she turned away.

SarcasticP3 SarcasticP3 Jul 27
In India, the same show is called Bigg Boss ...its my favourite too
Souadisch Souadisch Jun 14
then wether you sit on it or not doesn't change anything... XD
jaXmiXe jaXmiXe Jun 15
If she can't see him, then how does she know that he is smirking. 😕
matty360 matty360 Mar 28
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jaXmiXe jaXmiXe Jun 15
Sis you better not use that shît. The camera on top might be a cam-cord. He probably spying on yo aśs right now
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Dec 18, 2016
She sounds like a teenager
                              Seriously she says "gosh" so much