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Flower Crown's//Phan

Flower Crown's//Phan

12.5K Reads 599 Votes 8 Part Story
fuck me good daddy By kinky_dinky_mama Completed

A short story!
Phil Lester, he loves to write stories on Wattpad and almost always every night goes on You now and talks to people to make them happy. But Phil always is on some sort of social media. (Instagram, twitter, wattpad, etc.). Phil loves wearing color, he is always wearing baby blues and baby pinks. Anything that is very light, he is always happy. Dan Howell, a huge fan of Phil decides to talk to Phil because Phil says he will talk to anyone that catches his eyes that comments below on his Wattpad. Dan is the opposite of Phil in a way, he wears black 24/7. He posts tons of quotes and some are quite sad. He isn't happy unless he is looking at stories made by Phil or watches him on YouNow.

Oh my gurd I'm wear a fox shirt exactly like the one in the picture
thelexiellama thelexiellama Aug 06, 2016
*whispers* phil likes you, the phandom likes you, almost 7million people worldwide like you...
shooksxga shooksxga Dec 03, 2016
*7 years later* hMmmmMmmmmmM best friend with your YouTube Senpai, 2 books, a stage show, 9 million people (that includes Phil's videos since Phil has Dan in every other one ;) ) yEah no oNe is sUch a goOd answEr YOU kNow
But like don't pay too much attention to the dangirls, The phandom is better i promise!
Phanfan_ Phanfan_ Nov 02, 2016
No bby you got the Phandom! You got the *growls* *rolls eyes* dangirls and you got Phil so please please be happy 
                              And ignore the dangirls 
                              They dislike Phil  
                              They're not worth it
Yeah its not like 6.25 million people subscribed to and love your videos or anything