just the two of us { #vrene }

just the two of us { #vrene }

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satansoo By satansoo Updated Nov 27

SM Entertainment, a well-known entertainment in South Korea confirmed that they'll be having a collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment-another well-known entertainment-in which the reason why Red Velvet and Bangtan Sonyeondan met each other especially Bae Joo-Hyun, or commonly known as Red Velvet's leader, Irene and BTS' Kim Tae-Hyung who's used to be called as BTS' V. But aside from meeting each other, BTS along with Red Velvet will be having a collaboration comeback. In a short period of time, a big connection will hap-en between the two groups. But Irene's boy friend, Park Bogum is somewhat fond of Irene and will do anything just to make Irene love him. 

This story would be written in English. Please bear with any grammars and errors of the author. 

Date published: 01-01-2016
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Taray mo babe shet.Kanosebleed amp. Pero omg kinikilig ako kasi dati binabasa ko lang to dun sa drafts mo sa phone. Wahaha tapos kilig na kilig pa tayo sa taerene. ♥♥