Mrs. Frost

Mrs. Frost

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Dre Ahhhhhhhhhhh By AnonyDreTato Updated Apr 08, 2018

Elsa Arrendelle was married by the most richest billionaire in the whole world, his name is Jack Frost, they both love each other both of them made vows that to never love anyone except their selves and their families.

But one day both of them made the biggest fight that had which made the both of them ignore each other for 7 months, those seven months have been weirder Jack had been late going home after work, he's always busy he didn't even made a glance at her wife not even a second, Elsa keeps on asking where he is going these late nights but Jack always replies to her saying that he has over time but Elsa just shrugged it off.

But what if the unexpected happens? What would happen to Mrs. Frost?

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- - Jun 09, 2016
You say your wife is cheating but look at you, you're the one whose cheating you jerk!!!
Raquelle_LITD Raquelle_LITD Aug 20, 2016
What a bastard why didn't he check the call log and why did he think that she was cheating on him
eddiencinitwa eddiencinitwa Feb 26, 2017
I don't know what's real and what's fake all because of u Jackson!!
- - Jun 09, 2016
Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater I hope you choke in that pumpkin you jerk!!😑
rainboota_1405 rainboota_1405 Jan 02, 2017
Dude you have trust issues! Why this all of a sudden!!?!?!?!!!?
- - Jun 09, 2016
He should have been for how he treated elsa just a while ago 😑