You VS The Lost Boy & The School Bully ( Peter Pan/Robbie Kay × Reader)PJO/OUAT

You VS The Lost Boy & The School Bully ( Peter Pan/Robbie Kay × Reader)PJO/OUAT

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Chelsey Hook By Chelsey_Hook Updated Feb 28, 2016

Wondering why you were alive, you sat on your chair in the classroom sighing. You kept flipping pages of your favorite book, Peter Pan. Do you think this will end up peacefully?

Make way for Robbie Kay, the school's heartthrob and the school Bully. He came in and snatched the book away from your hands. 

"Peter pan, huh? You're still a baby! I should have known! Do you need someone to read it for you?" He laughed along with the other students, but you weren't affected.

You stood up, grabbed the book and your bag and head out of the room. Your eyes are now in fire because of anger, but at the corner of your eye, you see the bully staring at you. His eyes shows regret but his body shows the bully.

You ended up in a forest. Knowing that it is night time, you sat on the ground, staring at the stars. "This is better than staying in the house," you said and sighed. 

You saw a person at the corner of your eye and you stood up. You gasped.


"No. I'm Peter, Peter Pan."

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The-Mockingjay10146 The-Mockingjay10146 Dec 20, 2016
Is it just me, or does Riptide in that picture look like Sting? Lord of the Rings moment anyone? No, OK...
Decembra1998 Decembra1998 Jul 01, 2016
Aww, I don't want Pan to be a Demigod :P 
                              I'M A DEMIGOD!!!!!!
Decembra1998 Decembra1998 Jul 01, 2016
Hallo fellow Demigods! PJO!!!! I love Percy Jackson!! Wait! Auradon!!!! Disney Descendants!!! I'M PERCY'S HALF SISTER!!! THIS US REALLY GOOD START!!!!!
vllowe vllowe Jul 23, 2016
Ok I need to say this when I first saw the episode with Peter Pan on OUAT I thought his fairy dust was fart gas