Greed (Published!)

Greed (Published!)

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11/24/16 #64 in Short Story, Now Published! Exclusively sold on Amazon! 
Is the bad boy ever really just a bad boy?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if your rich parents were never around? If they would just send money and left you with a mansion and anything you could ever want? 

Aiden knows how this works. But it's not really working out for him. Simply put, it's because of this word: rejection.
A simple word that stings more than a wasp. 

Aiden Black doesn't know the meaning of rejection. He doesn't care either;  it's never stopped him from getting what he wants.  While owning a strip club at the age of fifteen may have it's perks, it's hardened the boy in more ways than one, if you catch my drift.  Neglected and almost always alone in the mansion his parents' bought but never stay in, Aiden finds his entertainment in other ways. Ways a preacher certainly would never approve of.

To help out her mom with the piling bills, Summer Gray applied to as many jobs as she could. A hard-working girl with the personality of a bulldozer doesn't seem like the maid type, until she gets to work as a maid. Unknowingly, she's met with the biggest challenge of her life. The most arrogant, self-absorbed imbicile there ever was was now her new boss. And he would relish in that as much as he could. Well, as much as she would allow. 

A girl in a committed relationship, strong-willed and working for the bombshell of a boss. But is Aiden really what he makes himself out to be? Is his repulsive reputation just a reputation?

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Dani_Kail Dani_Kail Aug 13, 2017
STOP SMOKING FOR HER SAKE! Gosh. Haven't even really met the little girl and I already love her. 😂
Dani_Kail Dani_Kail Aug 13, 2017
He's probably a good person somewhere deed deep deep deeeeep deeeeeeeeeep down.
SCharles38 SCharles38 May 13, 2016
                              They both know who they are anyways so why the intros??
Miraichan15 Miraichan15 Sep 04, 2016
Im rotten to the core
                              Rotten to the core
                              Im rotten to the core
                              Who cud ask for more
                              Im nthn like the kid next
                              Like the kid next door 
                              Im rotten to the (core)
                              Im rotten to theeeeeee
                              Sorry I had to
SCharles38 SCharles38 May 13, 2016
Um no
                              She's being disrespectful to her mother
                              This is not something to celebrate
Italyboss_baby Italyboss_baby Apr 13, 2016
I'm ten and I'm not short 😑 this girl named janiya 11 and she 5'4 she the tallest in the class and we have 25 students and I'm 4'9 so hah 😝 sorry if I came a lil rude my bad 😇 ✌