Ruined. {ft.  Arzaylea}

Ruined. {ft. Arzaylea}

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"We were so close to forever. But she made us RUINED."

Ria Fallon and Luke Hemmings were the definition of perfection; they easily exceeded it. Their relationship was known worldwide and was worshipped like a god by not only the 5SOS fandom, but even the directioners were crazed by their relationship.

They both had beautiful developing lives with best friends by there sides. They both could depend on Ashton, Calum, and Michael to be there for them. 

Their life couldn't seem to get any better, and with how madly in love they were for eachother, nothing could probably make it better. But things could make it worse.....

What happens when the new girl, Arzaylea, arrives in town and unfolds tragic events upon the couple. Will they forever be ruined?

Don't read this if you actually like Arzaylea because I hate her.....

All rights to me, @Mo_xo1. Any similar pieces of my work to anyone elses is purely and simply coincidental. With that being said, if this is similar to anyone else's, then nothing shall be held against them, Unless their work is forged and copied off of mine. Then, I'm counting on you to report them and inform me.

Cover by @FaithAdams5

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ImForeverAnonymous ImForeverAnonymous Dec 01, 2017
Okay... you can kill the girl if you want to... hell, you might even see me smiling.
calum5so calum5so Dec 31, 2015