What the Fuck is an Arzaylea

What the Fuck is an Arzaylea

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My boyfriend or should I say ex-boyfriend Luke Hemmings was on tour when one morning I woke up to see "Luke and Arzaylea" trending on twitter. Of course I called him in 3 seconds flat. 

"WHAT THE FUCK IS AN ARZAYLEA?!?!" I scream at the top of my lungs into the phone. 

"Babe what are you talking about? " I can hear the guilt in Luke's fucking voice.

"What. Is. An. Arzaylea?  Am I saying it right? Do you need me to fucking spell it out for you? A-R-Z-A." 

Luke interupts me, "She's no one. Nothing happened." 

"Oh hell to the fucking no.  Don't fucking talk to me fuck you! Tell my brother to call me." I wait to see what he has to say before I hang up the phone.

"No babe please, Michael is gonna kill me." His voice changes into a more panicked tone.

"Good, I hope he does and if he doesn't I will. Tell him I can't wait to see him when he gets back home.  We have a lot of family bonding time to do since I don't have a boyfriend anymore.  It's really a shame too the fans liked me, but I'm sure they will love this skank just as much." I hang up the phone.

food_life-forever food_life-forever Dec 27, 2016
I read Glenn (Rip Glenn season1-season7) 😭😭😭😰😢😥😞😔😣😖
food_life-forever food_life-forever Dec 27, 2016
A girl that will get her áss beat once i see her on the streets in a couple of years anyone want to join me ....she looks so much older than Luke for some reason
-kimyelarry -kimyelarry Dec 27, 2016
Why tf would the fam trend luke and asparagus? I mean, she not even 'trend-worthy'.
intoreality intoreality Sep 18, 2016
@Luke_is_a_penguen u should read this fanfic this fanfic rlly have no chill 😂😂
-kimyelarry -kimyelarry Dec 27, 2016
Larry is the most shipped couple actually, even though this is a fanfic, larry is still the most shipped couple 😂😂 haha
xXworthlesstrashXx xXworthlesstrashXx Sep 12, 2016
My bestfriends name is mya now I'm depressed💀💀💀💃