The Legend of Scarlett Grey

The Legend of Scarlett Grey

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Kelly Louise By KellyLM Updated Jul 03, 2016

(Rewritten Version)

Scarlett is hunting.

Hunting a threat she doesn't understand. A threat she only knows from a voice in her distant memory. She's searching for the voice and the man along with it. 

Why? She doesn't know. Who? She doesn't care. She just remembers three words - a short promise.

"I'll find you." 

A fierce bloodlust is driving her, egging her on to the extremes. No one is to stand in her way - no authority can make her bow down. No man, Wolf or other can make her submit. No words can sting and no weapon will wound her. 

Insane with the lust but proven sane with her flawless logic, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

The Voice may try to find her. 

But she'll find him first, and when she does, he'll have wished that those three words had never left his lips. 

It's a race for the kill.

Let the hunt begin.

    Amanda-Mae Amanda-Mae Mar 03, 2016
    Short and sweet. I love your description -- just a great balance of showing and telling, and the mood just sets off incredibly well.
    - - Dec 07, 2016
    I found it!!! Finally I was looking for this book but I can't remember the title lol
    XxLadyHolicxX XxLadyHolicxX Jan 02, 2016
    I'M SO HAPPY that I can read th9s again! I LOVED it the first time and I'll love it immensely this time around!
    nomadzbrat nomadzbrat Dec 23, 2015
    oh my god!! finally!!  *dancing like a crazy person right now*
    itstricky_35 itstricky_35 Dec 21, 2015
    I have a feeling the wait will definitely be worth it. Congrats on doing you!
    Babyroman Babyroman Dec 19, 2015
    EeeeeeeeEpppppppp yassssssdd🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😁😁