Potter's Little Slytherin (boyxboy)(Scorbus)

Potter's Little Slytherin (boyxboy)(Scorbus)

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Ever since Albus Potter lost his mother he was very rebellious. His father was gone most of the time so he had a bad boy facade. He was one of the most ruthless Syltherin's Hogwarts have ever seen. And that says a lot since it housed the Dark Lord himself. Although he wasn't as  bad as Voldemort, he was still considered one of the meanest bullies Hogwarts had.

Scorpius Malfoy was sheltered most of his life. His parents thought it was best to keep him safe from the horrors of the world. He was always Albus' main target and boy did that kid get to him. 

Can Scorpius make this "bad boy" show his true colors? Or will he end up getting hurt? 

Character/theme  Rights to the lovely J.K Rowling

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timebreaker1 timebreaker1 May 26, 2017
Wait, isn't he a pureblood since both Ginny and Harry are purebloods?
phan3133 phan3133 Jul 27, 2017
What you gonna do cut him with a plastic knife. Get real hunny
huffleho huffleho Aug 23, 2017
I find this hilarious, cause in all of the actual harry potter books it was basically flipped 😂
DeaDFamouSLasTWordS DeaDFamouSLasTWordS Aug 16, 2017
I don't think I've ever heard Snape say 10 points FROM Slytherin
sophiathechosenone9 sophiathechosenone9 Aug 21, 2017
Noooooo Pansy and Hermione must be together! And Blaise and Neville!
huffleho huffleho Aug 23, 2017
All Slytherin bad boys have politically important fathers #IlluminatiConfirmed