It all began with a simple date...

It all began with a simple date...

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just_loving_the_moment By vampire_angelz Completed

You find yourself neglected as a human citizen of the world.

 No one likes to talk to you and often turn away under the excuse of being an abnormal weirdo when you first comes to town. 

You turn up with weird markings all over your body and the worst part is you have no memory of that. Or your previous life.
And then you turn up with the best part of your life. 

You meet a handsome hunk  and he is the first guy who ends up asking you on a date... And soon your story unfolds into a horrific misfortune for a life... 

what makes it worse is that you have a plan and with that plan on the side, you see someone has the legacy to follow your footsteps and you can't do anything about it. 

It is your job  to save your life and their's too. So take a seat and enjoy the ROLLER COASTER OF HORRORS!!!

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