The lunar chronicles

The lunar chronicles

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It has been one year since they took over Luna. Wolf and Scarlet are married, Kai and Cinder are still dating, Cress and Throne and engaged, Winter and Jacin are broken up. And most important of all Cinder can cry now! Some doctors made it so she can cry now.

It starts out with Scarlet finding out one of the most exciting things in her life but also very scary. She and Wolf start on a crazy new adventure together, but not alone, they have everyone on their side. 

Cress and Thorne are close to the best thing in their life, marriage. Neither one of them doubts that they were made to be together for the rest of their lives. 

Cinder has taken her rightful place as queen, but she couldn't do it by herself so she wanted Kai by her side but she couldn't make him king unless they got married and neither of them wanted to get married so quickly just for that reason so they went with what is called half-king. Kai can't make the decisions but he has a big day in everything. 

Winter and Jaicn where doing good, till one mistake. A mistake that Winter might never get out of her head and heart, but she'll also never be able to get her love for Jaicn out of her heart or head. So what will happen? Read and find out. 

This was written before starts above came out so that's why Cress and Thorne are engaged not Cinder and Kai. 
{updates on Sundays}

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TheFlash832 TheFlash832 May 31
Actually, Cress' full name is Crescent Moon Darnel, so she would be Crescent Moon Thorne.
                              Not to be a buzzkill or anything.
CakePOP82 CakePOP82 Apr 10
Not 2 B a buzzkill but Kai proposed 2 cinder at scarlet and wolfs wedding not Thorne n cress
Am_Is_A_BookWorm Am_Is_A_BookWorm Aug 27, 2016
Hmm, I wonder how Thorne afford an apartment... *strokes imaginary beard*
I love this a lot. But Jacin and winter did not break up, BTW.
- - Feb 26, 2016
actually, Thornes name is Carswell Thorne. so it would be Crescent Thorne