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take a picture 「 yoonjin 」

take a picture 「 yoonjin 」

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「 vanessa 」 By staalight Completed

Seokjin is the School President.

Yoongi is a boy in a corner.

Seokjin is handsome.

Yoongi likes taking pictures.

More Specifically,

Kim SeokJin.

crossover from aff

SnoopySoo SnoopySoo Aug 01, 2016
                              Tell me...
                              Why did I read that as pornography club?
                              I'm freakin blind Dx
shiroihana_marika shiroihana_marika Dec 09, 2016
I just want people to know that OCD isn't all about organisation and cleaning, those things are just coping methods to deal with the mental illness, but coping methods can take many different forms, not just cleaning :)
YR_XOXO YR_XOXO Jun 21, 2016
I don't mind u liking the sun, but just be careful...u got pale akin
mickeyavery mickeyavery Jul 14, 2016
like ik it doesn't really matter but like it always bothers me how people mess that up
TaengySkittle TaengySkittle Nov 29, 2016
im yoongi, accept I don't get tongue technology ;-; JIN IS MY BIAS HES SO <3
mickeyavery mickeyavery Jul 14, 2016
OCD isn't about keeping things organized, that's OCPD most likely