take a picture 「 yoonjin 」

take a picture 「 yoonjin 」

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Seokjin is the School President.

Yoongi is a boy in a corner.

Seokjin is handsome.

Yoongi likes taking pictures.

More Specifically,

Kim SeokJin.

crossover from aff

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Warena_Anisa Warena_Anisa 3 days ago
But if I’m wrong I remember Yoongi did have OCD, was it not true? I could’ve sworn it was...
people can love whoever the fucc they want, so please, back the fucc up before i smack the fucc up
I read the capital "I" as a lower case "L" so it was YOOOOOONNNGGGGILILILL and I was like "wow, that person is very excited."
seokflower seokflower Nov 16
i was about to break out a despicable me reference but then i remembered that i’m weird enough so i didn’t-
seokflower seokflower Nov 16
ngl i think i have a thing for yoongi in glasses (well, who’s to say that i didn’t have a thing for yoongs beforehand-)