My Maker ~ My Tangled Tales

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NSTinsley By NSTinsley Completed
He made me, He trained me, He protected me, He tought me to kill, He took me under his wing. 
     So why do I hate him? Everytime I try and leave I cant, Everytime I try and kill him I cant.
    He says he loves me, He says I am the specail one.
     So why do I love him back? Everytime I try and be myself I get punished, Everytime I disobey him I get punished.
    He gave me brothers, He gave me himself.
     So why can't I stand them? Everytime I try and please them I'm not good enough, Everytime I try and be like them I'm not good enough.
Why do they ALWAYS walk down the dark alley!!!! I mean, really!? Idiots.
This was awesome! I stayed up all night reading it! I couldn't put it down! It does need some work. But it was really awesome! About to read my mate now (:
Great start aussimo - i read this awhile ago...and i forgot to comment, i also read chap 2 and forgot to comment, lol, im so lazy at times
                                    loser two over n out
Intense! I loved it. This is really good! And it doesn't seem like your typical werewolf story either.
omguf shud really consider publishing this...ur better than most professional authors out there