NorthPaw College (A Furry BoyxBoy Story)

NorthPaw College (A Furry BoyxBoy Story)

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CrossBlade By OutstandingShadow Updated Jan 03

This story is about a wolf named Kevin going from his old college to a new one in a new state along with his new and old friends. Since he is new, he hopes to start a new college life, but is nervous of the troubles that may be brought to him in the process and in the future. The reason why he left the other college is unclear.

This is my first story!

Story cover art is by cherrybox. It's NOT mine and credit goes to it's author. The art used also does not portray or share any traits with the characters in this story.

This story is FICTION. Does include:
+BoyxBoy Relationships
+BoyxGirl Relationships
+Mature Content (Strong Language, Mature Themes)
+Mention of Blood

derpy_furry derpy_furry 7 days ago
My reaction when I realised I need to finish this story because I'm super late and really wanted to know what's on plate for me. Or that I saw my face on the mirror
EeveeMan51 EeveeMan51 Mar 31, 2016
I mean, you are writing this so i assume you know more, and this is great so far, but wouldnt he have said "Attention" if everyone stands up and "at ease" to have them sit down?
EmberWillow EmberWillow Feb 26, 2016
*kicks Kaitlyn in the rear* Okie you can go now (。ŏ_ŏ) this man needs yaoi in his life
PercyScales PercyScales Aug 25, 2016
I was reading this while walking and I tripped at the end XD
wolfgamer66 wolfgamer66 Mar 09, 2016
I'm sitting in my marine highschool JROTC Digital camo reading this, XD I am the real kevin!
otaky-chan otaky-chan May 03, 2016
This is so good and i found another book character i can relate to im like chase